Welcome to the website of the Titora Shul, a traditional Modern Orthodox community situated at the edge of the park in Nahal Dalia, in the Nehalim (Malibu) neighborhood.

Our community was founded back in 1996 by some of the first residents of the new city of Modiin. Hailing from many different backgrounds and localities around Israel, the first members of the Titora Shul succeeded very quickly in forging a new community with an active minyan (nusach achid), shiurim and social events. Since then, our numbers have swelled and today we number around 50 families.

Within Modiin, the Titora community is exceptional in its diversity. All ages are represented: great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, young couples, young adults, teens and children. Many accents are heard as veteran Israelis sit alongside immigrants from the U.S., England, South Africa, Canada, France, South America and Ethiopia. We are proud to have gained a reputation for being the friendliest shul in town!

Our shul contains a men's gallery downstairs and a women's gallery upstairs. Plans have been drawn up to create a dedicated beit midrash by enclosing a terrace on the upper floor. This space will also serve as a comfortable overflow for the women's section. We expect to begin construction within the coming months. Opportunities are available for the naming of furnishings and seforim after loved ones.

We look forward to greeting you at the Titora Shul.

Weekday daf yomi    6.30 am

Weekday shacharit    7.00 am

Weekday maariv    9.00 pm

Shabbat shacharit    8.30 am

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